The influx in the number of website templates has created a great platform to choose whatever template works best for your business and customers. In spite of this, it has brought much confusion as many people are not able to select the template that aligns well with their needs. The reason for this is the fact that different templates come with various features and themes aimed at diverse products and market needs.

As you plan to sell clothes online, there is a need to settle for a template that will create a better platform for you to sell. Here are some of the features to look out for in a website template to help you decide its worthiness for an online clothes store.

Visual appearance

The way your store looks means a lot to your business. One of the first things that your visitors notice is the appearance of your e-commerce store. Some visitors just click the exit button when they find themselves on a site that is not appealing. As such, when going over different clothing websites templates, choose the one that has great visuals.

SEO features

Succeeding in online selling involves much that just having the products to sell.  You need to embrace the role of search engine optimization in your store. For your store to rank high, it has to be optimized for certain keywords, and this increases its chances of being found easily online. Some templates come with great SEO features while others do not. Often, it is recommendable to use the ones that have all the SEO features that help you sell clothes online with ease.


The design that you have for the e-commerce site determines how many visitors you attract as well as retain. You will find that there are different themes and all come with diverse designs. Choose the template with a responsive design, as well as a design that aligns well with your specific needs and those of the industry.

Mobile compatibility

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, having a site that is mobile friendly means a lot to the business. The reason for this is the fact that anyone with a smartphone can view your products and make purchases comfortably. However, not all website templates are mobile friendly. As such, you need to shop around and wisely for the templates that support this feature.

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